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A closer look at Balance in Parkinson’s disease for those with and without Deep Brain Stimulation: The patient’s perspective

(Dec. 09) Among the cardinal features of Parkinson Disease (PD), including bradykinesia, rigidity, resting tremor, abnormal postural reflexes and gait disturbance, gait and balance disturbances as well as falls are a leading cause of disability and dependence on others (Muslimovic et al., 2008). The inability to move around due to gait and balance problems is one of the most important causes of decreased quality of life, morbidity, and mortality in patients with PD (Forsaa, et al., 2008; Muslimovic et al., 2008; Pickering, et al., 2007; Rahman et al., 2008).

References from the peer-reviewed manuscripts from our Balance Report.

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