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The Parkinson Alliance Elects New Board Members

KINGSTON, N.J., September 18, 2019 — The Parkinson Alliance announced today the appointment of Gloria Hansen, Susie Lewin, and Dr. Jeffrey Wertheimer to its Board of Directors.

“We are honored to welcome Gloria Hansen, Susie Lewin, and Dr. Jeffrey Wertheimer as our newest board members as they serve in the positions of Secretary, Patient Advocate, and Vice President respectively. As we continue our work to raise funds for research and conduct our own patient-centered outcomes research, their expertise, and knowledge of Parkinson’s disease and the community, are invaluable for our organization,” stated Carol Walton, President & CEO of The Parkinson Alliance.

Gloria Hansen is an award-winning artist, photographer, and writer with a solid business background. Her artwork has been exhibited throughout the world and featured in books, magazines, and on television. For nearly three decades, she has been designing using digital media, has authored 15 non-fiction books, and has written well over one hundred articles for various magazines. Her additional work experience includes being a computer-tech columnist for over 15 years, a paralegal and office manager for a law office for more than 17 years, and a Creative Business Director of a web design and development company. At the start of 2001, Gloria designed and built the first website of The Parkinson Alliance, and up to present day, she continues working with our organization on a multitude of projects for our websites, print and design work, and event photography. Gloria worked directly with Margaret Tuchman, Co-Founder and President of The Parkinson Alliance, to keep Margaret’s goals realized as her Parkinson’s disease progressed up to Margaret’s passing.

Susie Lewin’s Parkinson journey began in 1992 when her mother was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. Although she had four-year-old twins and a full-time job, she immediately started a new role as a patient advocate, learning and applying her knowledge to help her mother obtain the best quality of life possible. In 2001 she received the stunning news that her husband was also diagnosed with the disease. Without hesitation, she used her previously learned knowledge to advocate and support him. Susie’s Parkinson’s advocacy is a constant and of paramount importance to her. She continues to be an active member in her local Parkinson’s support group, facilitates care partner meetings, and prides herself on being a part of fundraising events for Parkinson’s disease research. Susie’s motto and firm belief are that “Together we can make a difference!”

Jeffrey Wertheimer, Ph.D., ABPP-CN is a board-certified Clinical Neuropsychologist and the Chief Research Consultant for The Parkinson Alliance. Dr. Wertheimer is also the Chief of Psychology and Neuropsychology Services at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center and the California Rehabilitation Institute in Los Angeles, CA, where he also serves as the Director of Training for the Neuropsychology Division. Dr. Wertheimer’s specialty includes neuropsychological and psychological assessment, psychotherapy, behavioral management/modification, and pain management intervention. Dr. Wertheimer focuses a significant amount of time in research activities, preparing scientific manuscripts, and lecturing nationally and internationally. His research interests include neurocognitive and neuropsychiatric profiles in movement disorders (i.e., Parkinson’s disease and deep brain stimulation outcomes), psychological adjustment and resilience in the context of medical conditions, cognitive and functional outcomes in individuals who have sustained a traumatic brain injury, and inter-professional collaboration.

For more information about our Board Members, please visit our website.

About The Parkinson Alliance
The mission of The Parkinson Alliance is to raise funds for research to end Parkinson’s disease, support the development of new therapies, and improve the quality of life for those living with the disease through patient-centered research and resources. The Parkinson Alliance stands as the umbrella organization for the Parkinson’s Unity Walk, Team Parkinson, and other fundraising events held around the country. Taken together, we have funded over $32 million in research since our founding.

Carol Walton
President & CEO
The Parkinson Alliance
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