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Susie Lewin’s Parkinson journey began in 1992 when her Mother was diagnosed with PD. Prior to that diagnosis, all she knew about Parkinson’s was that when she was a little girl she remembered visiting her mom’s friend who had the disease. It wasn’t until her mother was diagnosed that the memory of the very symptomatic friend returned with a powerful, vivid clarity.

Although she had four year old twins and a full time job, she immediately began a new role as a patient advocate, learning and applying her knowledge to help her mother obtain the best quality of life possible. In 2001 she received the stunning news that her husband was also diagnosed with the disease. Without hesitation, she used her previously learned knowledge to advocate and support him.

Throughout the passing years, her Parkinson’s advocacy remained a constant and is of paramount importance to her. Suzie completely understands the importance of reaching out to the those in need of support. She continues to be an active member in their local Parkinson’s support group, she facilitates Care Partner meetings, and she prides herself on being a part of fundraising events for Parkinson’s research. Susie’s motto and firm belief is: “Together we can make a difference!”

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