Participants Invited to Take Survey on Social Support and Parkinson’s Disease

(September 09, 2016)—The Parkinson Alliance invites people living with Parkinson’s disease (PD) to participate in our survey-based research project entitled “Social Support and Parkinson’s Disease.”  The objective of this current study is to deepen the understanding about social support from the perspective of PWP, particularly as it relates to gender, age and disease duration.  If you have Parkinson's disease, you are eligible to take our survey which is now accessible online at

There are two ways to complete the survey on Nutrition:
•    Online at
•    Request a hard copy by calling The Parkinson Alliance at (800) 579-8440

Social support for PWP is complex and can be adversely impacted by symptoms of PD, including motor symptoms and non-motor symptoms such as changes in speech, cognition, psychiatric factors, and fatigue. Quality of and satisfaction with social support can have a significant impact on psychological well-being and quality of life. Furthermore, caregiver and patient quality of life are closely linked. Understanding concepts related to social support and the quality of relationships for PWP is of great importance.

When individuals with PD participate in this survey, their "voice" will be heard and their participation can help others with PD, carers as well as treatment providers.  Participation is completely voluntary and all information provided by survey participants will be kept strictly confidential.   

The data collection for this report will conclude on December 15, 2016; and participants are urged to complete the survey as soon as possible.  

To participate in this important research endeavor, individuals can visit and complete a survey online.