Hamilton Area YMCA’s Delay the Disease Class

Positivity, health and hope are at the core of the Hamilton Area YMCA’s Delay the Disease class, an exercise program for people suffering from Parkinson’s disease.

This one-hour class teaches specific exercise techniques that could delay the physical onset of Parkinson's disease.  It is designed to help increase strength, improve balance, and manage symptoms such as tremors.  This class can be modified for all levels, even those in a wheelchair.  They also welcome caregivers or family members to attend the class to learn the exercises.

For more information on Delay the Disease, contact Krissi Zigenfus, Senior Director Member Initiatives at 609-581-9622 ext. 112 or kzigenfus@hamiltonymca.org.  The Hamilton Area YMCA is located in Hamilton Township, NJ.


L to R:  Delay the Disease class trainers, Rick and Maureen,
The Parkinson Alliance CEO, Carol Walton, and class participant, John.