LSVT Global launches the LSVT LOUD Companion

(NYC, New York) LSVT Global, Inc. is proud to announce the launch of the LSVT LOUD Companion, a technological innovation designed to improve the communicative impairments associated with Parkinson disease and other neurological disorders. Through the LSVT LOUD Companion, clients interact with dynamic software as they move through the well established and highly efficacious LSVT LOUD therapy protocol. This FDA cleared medical device guides and tracks a client’s speech performance and allows for direct long-term client use outside of the clinical setting. It significantly expands clinician impact resulting in time and cost savings.

“This is a crucial first step in our vision of using innovative technology to reach millions of unserved individuals with Parkinson disease” said Frank Shinneman, President and CEO of LSVT Global, Inc. “Our next milestone will be the development and deployment of an internet-based application of the LSVT LOUD Companion for independent client use.”

About LSVT Global. LSVT Global provides innovative speech and whole body treatments to improve the quality of life of adults and children with neurological disorders, such as Parkinson disease, multiple sclerosis, stroke and cerebral palsy by enabling them to communicate and move more effectively.

LSVT Global’s business is founded on two main pillars. The company offers clinical training to health care practitioners around the world and delivers treatments via Telemedicine and other technological applications.

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For business development and investor relations please contact: Mr. Shinneman at Tel.: (908) 305-4986.