Camp Hillard's 75th Anniversary Celebration Raises over $55,000 for Parkinson's Disease Research


Scarsdale, New York

On Monday, August 18, 2003, over 800 Camp Hillard children sang Happy Birthday and ate cake to celebrate Camp Hillard’s 75th anniversary. In addition to the many programs offered by the Camp, each year the Camp sponsors a charity event focusing on a specific cause. This year’s event was "Hoops for Hillard," where campers played in a basketball challenge to raise money for this year's chosen charity—The Parkinson Alliance. "This was our most successful year ever, said Elaine Libman, and we are thrilled that 100% of our donation to the Alliance will go directly to Parkinson’s research.” During the last week of camp, the staff of Camp Hillard, along with Jim and Jon Libman and their mother Elaine, presented Carol Walton, the Executive Director of The Parkinson Alliance, with a donation check for over $55,000.

Camp Hillard selected The Parkinson Alliance to honor Hillard Libman, the family's patriarch who has suffered from Parkinson's disease for the past 17 years. Hillard’s parents, Morris and Hannah Libman, founded what was then called Camp Morris in 1929 and later renamed the Camp in Hillard’s honor. Hillard began working for the Camp in 1956, becoming full-time Director by 1960. Hillard and his wife Elaine worked side-by-side making the camp a success. Hillard never missed a day until his Parkinson's disease began taking an increasing toll on his mobility. Today Hillard and Elaine’s sons, Jon and Jim, carry on Hillard’s work as Directors of the Camp.

Elaine Libman
Elaine Libman - Hoops for Hillard in front of Historical Camp Pictures
camp counselors

Camp Counselors celebrating Camp Hillard's 75th Birthday Anniversary


Campers at the Horse & Pony Stables

Walton & Liebman

Carol Walton & Elaine Libman

office staff
Office Staff & Elaine Libman
Jim & Elaine Libman during the Show
The Battersby Duo
camp kids
Camp Kid's Watching the Battersby Duo
check acceptance
Carol Walton (center) accepting the donation check to The Parkinson Alliance
The Parkinson Alliance is proud that 100% of the Camp Hillard donation will go directly to Parkinson’s research. For more information about Camp Hillard, visit its web site at


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