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by Kirk "Shaky Paws" Hall
with Illustrations by Alison Paolini
A Portion of Every Sale Will Be Donated To Parkinson's Research.

Carson and His Shaky Paws Grampa, the first book in the Shaky Paws Grampa series, is a story about the relationship and love between a grandfather who has Parkinson's Disease and his seven-year-old grandson. The story is designed to help parents and grandparents comfortably talk about the initial symptoms of Parkinson's Disease and address common questions and concerns children may express.

The second book in the series, CARINA AND HER BIONIC GRAMPA (working title), is in progress and continues to portray the true story about Kirk "Shaky Paws" Hall's journey with Parkinson's Disease. The story is intended to provide a comfortable and safe setting through which parents and grandparents may talk about the more advanced symptoms of Parkinson's Disease with their children and grandchildren.   

Carson and His Shaky Paws Grampa was conceived and written by Kirk Hall and illustrated by Alison Paolini, both of whom are parents and grandparents who have been diagnosed with Parkinson's.

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