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The Parkinson Alliance is pleased to provide you with the latest news in our effort to finance research to help find the cause and cure of Parkinson's. 

PA News

2015 Headlines

Speech Treatment for Parkinson Disease: The Science and Practice of LSVT LOUDģ

Physical & Occupational Therapy for Parkinson Disease: The Science and Practice of LSVT BIGģ

Participants Invited to Take Survey on Patience and Well-Being in Parkinsonís Disease

Parkinson's Dance Program

2014 Headlines

2014 Carnegie Center 5K and Fun Run for The Parkinson Alliance Raised Over $105,000óProceeds to go to Parkinsonís Research

Autonomic Dysfunction in Parkinsonís Disease With and Without Deep Brain Stimulation

The Parkinson Alliance is the Recipient of the Bucks County Roadrunners Clubís Donation from their Thanksgiving Day Race

Podcast Focusing on Top 2014 DBS Surveys Scheduled for 11.7.14

15th Carnegie Center 5K and Fun Run to Take Place on September 27 in Princeton`s Carnegie Center

King Award Will be Presented to Team "For the Love of LuLu" at the 15th Annual CC5K

20th Parkinson's Unity Walk Raises More Than $1.6 Million in Donations for Parkinson's Research

McCaffreyís Supported The Parkinson Alliance During Parkinsonís Awareness Month

CEO of The Parkinson Alliance Appointed to Brookingsí National Medical Device Postmarket Surveillance System Planning Board

The Parkinson Alliance Reports Findings Pertaining to Sleep in Parkinson's

Parkinson`s Disease Awareness Day Conference

20th Parkinson's Unity Walk to Take Place on April 26 in New York City's Central Park

New survey available on "Autonomic Symptoms in Parkinson's Disease"

Osteria Procaccini Donates Funds to The Parkinson Alliance

2013 Headlines

Falls and Fear of Falling in Parkinsonís Disease With and Without Deep Brain Stimulation

2013 Carnegie Center 5K and Fun Run Raised Over $88K for The Parkinson Alliance Thanks to Support Received from the Community

The Parkinson Alliances announces results of their 15th survey on ďFalls and Fear of Falling in Parkinsonís disease for Individuals with and without Deep Brain StimulationĒ.

ďStyliní on the SquareĒ Featuring the Salon Pure Cut-a-Thon was a Huge Success!!

The Parkinson Alliance to Attend Victory Summit Symposium

14th Carnegie Center 5K and Fun Run to Raise Funds and Awareness for Parkinsonís Research Will be Held on September 28th in Princetonís Carnegie Center

Michael J. Fox Foundation CEO Stresses Need for Collaboration in Scientific Research

Listen to The Parkinson Alliance Discussion Regarding Resilience and Parkinsonís on Voice Aerobics BlogTalkRadio

New Survey Available on ďSleep in Parkinsonís Disease: A Comparison Between Those With and Without Deep Brain StimulationĒ

Upcoming Presentation on Speech and Parkinsonís at the 2013 ASHA Convention

Greg Grace Ė Running With Parkinsonís Disease and For the Cure

14th Annual Carnegie Center 5K and Fun Runís King Award Will be Presented to The Residence Inn by Marriott, Princeton @ Carnegie Center

2013 Parkinsonís Unity Walk Raised Over $1.7 Million in Donations for Parkinsonís Research

19th Parkinson's Unity Walk Will be Held on Saturday, April 27, 2013

The Parkinson Alliance announces results from 14th Survey on Resilience in Parkinsonís Disease; Learn what you can do to help

Central Coast Parkinson Support Group 7th Annual Walk For Parkinson's

Thousands to come together on April 27 to unite walkers and leading organizations to raise awareness and funds for research

The Princeton Area Supports Parkinson's Awareness Month

PD Community News

2015 Headlines

LSVT LOUD Training and Certification Workshop Will be Held in NYC 12.10-12.11.15

A Caregivers

Latest in Medical and Rehabilitation Therapies Conference

Completion of Clinical Trial for PRX-002 Developed by Prothena Corporation

Skin Test May Aid in Diagnosis of Parkinsonís and Alzheimerís

Pharma Two B Completes Enrollment in Phase IIb Study of P2B001 for PD

Implanted Stem Cells Reduced Symptoms of PD during Experiment

Data from Trial in Advanced PD Patients Using Levodopa-Carbidopa Intestinal Gel

First Discovery of a Physical Predictor of Freezing in PD

Eltoprazine Could Tackle Dyskinesia Side Effect in Parkinsonís Disease

Biotie Provides Update on Tozadenant

Recent Clinical Study Offers Hope for Potential Parkinsonís Disease Therapies

Creatine Has No Effect on Progression of Parkinson

Breath Test for Parkinson

Parkinsonís Study Dims Ambitions for Gene Flaw Carried by Brin

Blue Light Potential for Parkinson's Treatment

Tipping point of Parkinson's Disease discovered by Cambridge University Researchers

Drinking Beer Slows Down Parkinson's and Alzheimer's Disease

Researchers Identify Two mRNA Biomarkers for Parkinson's Disease

Neurologists Find Movement Tracking Device Helps Assess Severity of PD

Blood Test Aims to Detect Parkinson's in Early Stages

LTI Receives Funding for Research Aimed at Delaying or Preventing Parkinsonís Disease

How To Shake the Shakes: A Patient, Family, and Physician Seminar on Tremor and Parkinson

Scientists Find Drug Candidates Can Block Cell Death Pathway Associated with PD

Portable Device Could Be Used to Treat Parkinsonís Disease

23andMe and Genentech to Analyze Genomic Data for Parkinsonís Disease

Researchers Discover Molecule that May Lessen Severity of Parkinsonís Disease

UCB and Neuropore Enter Into World-Wide Collaboration and Agreement

U.S. FDA Approves AbbVieís DUOPAô Enteral Suspension for Treatment of Advanced PD

FDA Approves Rytary, Extended-Release Oral Treatment for PD

Canadian Researchers Studying New Target for Parkinsonís Treatment

EU Recommends Parkinsonís Drug for Approval

Treating Parkinsonís Disease with Targeted Therapeutic Vaccines

Safinamide New Drug Application Re-submitted to the FDA

2014 Headlines

Study Establishes Connection Between Gut Microbiota and Parkinson

Parkinsonís Now: New Technology and Surgical Advances in the Treatment of Parkinsonís

Achieve Daily Victories Free and Informal Seminar about Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS)

NeuroDerm Presents Results of Continuous Subcutaneous Administration of Levodopa/Carbidopa Trials

Adamas Pharmaceuticals Expands Clinical Trial for Treatment of Levodopa-induced Dyskinesia

Legislation Proposed to Provide Training for In-home Family Caregivers

University of Virginia Researching Use of Ultrasound to Treat PD

I Am Ali, New Documentary About Muhammad Ali

University of Michigan to Study Risk of Falls in PD

UCLA Researchers Find Drug Used for Another Disease Slows PD Progression

Clinical Trial to Evaluate Repurposing Existing Medication as PD Treatment

MedGenesis Enters Into Agreement with Pfizer for Treatments for PD

Device to Help People with PD Communicate Better Now Available

Cedars-Sinai Receives NIH Grant to Study Motor Neuron Disorders

CE Mark for Boston Scientificís Verciseô DBS System for Treating Tremors

Acorda to Buy Civitas Therapeutics, Developer of Parkinson

Wearable Tracker for Parkinson

Google Acquires Manufacturer of Specialized Spoon for Use with PD

Advances in Parkinson's Disease Treatment Earns Prestigious Prize

Microsoft Uses Software to Help Those Living with Parkinsonís Disease

Gene to Fight Parkinson's Disease Discovered by UCLA Researchers

Mark Morris Dance Group One of Google's Giving Through Glass Challenge Winners

Teva Recalls Generic Parkinson's Drug

Medtronic Buys Sapiens SBS

Intel Explores Wearable Devices for Parkinson's Disease

A New Drug XPro1595 May Slow Progression of Parkinsonís Disease

Study of First Parkinson's Disease Vaccine Shows Encouraging Results

NeuroDerm Announces Eligibility for European Union Centralized Procedure for ND0612H

"How to Live Well with Parkinson" Seminar

The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinsonís Research Awards $2M Grant to Biotie for Parkinson's Dementia Clinical Study

A New Study Reveals Why Coffee Protects Some Against Developing Parkinson's Disease

Mitochondria-Targeted Therapeutic Discovery Research Project Underway

MRI Brain Scans Detect People with Early Parkinson's Disease

Cynapsus Therapeutics Awarded Second Grant from The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research

Speech Treatment for Parkinson Disease: The Science and Practice of LSVT LOUDô

First Ever World Parkinson Coalition Scientific Update

Medicare & Parkinsonís Disease: Therapy Caps and the Exceptions Process

Chelsea Therapeutics Presents Efficacy and Safety Data for NORTHERA at International Congress of Parkinson`s Disease and Movement Disorders

Largest Ever Trial in Parkinson`s Disease Shows That For Long Term Treatment Levodopa is Better Than Newer Drugs

Clinical Study Results Demonstrate Therapeutic Advantages Of The Boston Scientific Verciseô DBS System For Patients With Parkinson`s Disease

University of Alabama Study Finds LRRK2 May Be Key to Combating Parkinson`s Disease

National Parkinson Foundation Study Finds U.S. Neurologist Care Saves 4,600 Lives of People with Parkinson`s Disease Each Year

FDA Approves Expanded Label for AZILECTģ for Treatment Across All Stages of Parkinsonís Disease

UCLA Researchers Identify New Gene Involved in Parkinson's Disease

Safinamide New Drug Application (NDA) Submitted to the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA)

Teva`s Parkinson Drug Now Marketed in Japan

Rice University Researcher Rebooting Deep Brain Stimulation

Specialized Care Urged for Treating Parkinson`s Disease

Exenatide Has Potential as a Disease Modifying Agent in Parkinson`s Disease

Adamas Pharmaceuticals Provides Data Update On ADS-5102 At The American Academy Of Neurology Annual Meeting

Civitas Announces Positive Results from Phase II Inhaled Levodopa Trial

Parkinson`s Support Group at Capital Health Medical Center

AbbVie Announces Availability of New Advanced Parkinson`s Treatment in Canada

Impax Pharmaceuticals Resubmits New Drug Application for RYTARYô (Carbidopa and Levodopa) Extended-Release Capsules (IPX066)

Boston Scientific Corporation Enrolls the First Patient in a New Registry to Evaluate the Value of the Verciseô Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) System

Brain Imaging Tracer for Parkinson`s Disease

Parkinson`s Disease and Pesticides: What's the Connection?

Google Glasses Could Help Parkinsonís Sufferers

FDA Approves Vanderbilt Trial for Parkinsonís Treatment

Completion of a Study on Retinal Pathology in an Animal Model of Parkinson`s Disease

JFK Neuroscience Institute presents Fling into Spring

Parkinson's Disease Forum for Patients and Caregivers

MRI Interventions' Clearpoint System Now Utilized at Emory University in Atlanta

Potential Parkinson's Therapy Secures $23 Million for Testing from NIH after Foundation Funding

"Electronic Skin": New Hope for Parkinsonís Patients

Parkinson`s Organizations Applaud Efforts to Bring More Drugs to Market

Advances in Treating Parkinsonís, Essential Tremor, Dystonia, Touretteís, and Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

The Communication Connection: The Art & Science of Staying in Touch while Living Well with Parkinsonís

NeuroDerm Announces Enrollment in a Second Phase 2 Study of ND0612, a Continuous Levodopa/Carbidopa Drug for the Treatment of Parkinson's Disease

UCLA Researchers Link Common Pesticides to Parkinsonís Disease

New Research Offers Explanation About Why Deep Brain Stimulation Works

Study Evaluating Additional Indications for Tevaís Azilect

FDA Approves Chelsea Therapeuticsí Northera for Treatment of Neurogenic Orthostatic Hypotension

Berg And The Parkinson's Institute And Clinical Center Announce Key Clinical Study Focused on Game-changing Innovations In Parkinson's Disease Biomarker Discovery

March 12th Achieve Daily Victories Seminar Focusing on a Treatment for Parkinson

National Parkinson Foundation Partners with SBR Health Provide Increased Access to Expert Parkinson's Disease Care

For Workers with Parkinson's, It's a Tough Job

PatientsLikeMe and Sage Bionetworks Launch Open Science Study for People with Parkinson's Disease

New Potential Cell Therapy for Parkinsonís

Crossing the Lines Between Parkinson

Researchers ID More Pesticides Linked to Parkinson's, Gene that Increases Risk

Ruby Foundation to Merge with Davis Phinney Foundation

Device to Help Prevent Falls Invented in Australia

Research Identifies Enzyme that Blocks Paths to Parkinson's Disease

Amarantus In-licenses Levadopa-induced Dyskinesia Phase 2b-ready Eltoprazine from PGI Drug Discovery

Gene Found That Protects Against Neurodegenerative Diseases

Novel Gene Therapy for Parkinsonís Disease Clears Hurdle

Asleep During Brain Surgery: A Comfortable Alternative for Patients with Parkinson's Disease

Disparities Among Which Parkinsonís Patients Receive Deep Brain Stimulation

Parkinson's Research Study Shows Inosine Compound Raises Urate Levels

2013 Headlines

Stanford Researchers Record Data from Brain of Ambulatory Parkinson's Patient

Ohio State Study Shows Exercise Improves Depression in Parkinson's Patients

Medtronic Recently Received FDA Approval of Updated Labeling for DBS for Parkinsonís Disease

Neurologist at Emory Awarded $3 Million Life Sciences Breakthrough Award

ďSmart glassesĒ to Improve Gait of Parkinson

Researchers Discover That an Important Clue to Diagnosing Parkinsonís Disease May Lie Just Beneath the Skin

NINDS Sponsors Parkinsonís Meeting to Identify Challenges and Define Research Priorities

Gene-Silencing Study Finds New Targets for Parkinson's Disease

Genetic Mutation Increases Risk of Parkinson's Disease from Pesticides

UCLA and Emory Researchers Find a Chemical Signature for 'Fast' Form of Parkinson's

US WorldMeds Launches Final Phase III Trial to Study Myobloc Injections to Treat Drooling

New Parkinson's Disease Genes Discovered by the Parkinson's Institute and Clinical Center and Population Diagnostics, Inc.

MRI Interventions' ClearPoint System Facilitates Asleep DBS Surgery at San Francisco VA Medical Center for Veterans with Parkinson's Disease

The Michael J. Fox Foundation Expands Fox Trial Finder To Help Accelerate Parkinson's Trials Worldwide

Princeton Dance for Parkinson Class to be Held on December 12, 2013

Parkinsonís Disease Awareness Event to be Held at Mt. Sinai Medical Center on 12.3.13

Neurosurgeon Provides ďAsleepĒ Option for Patients Undergoing DBS Surgery

LSVTís At-Home Voice Training Software Helps Parkinson

Hamilton Area YMCAís Delay the Disease Class

Living Well With PD: A program for PD patients and their caregivers

Parkinson's Disease Breakthrough May Lie in Gene Mutations

New Medtronic Deep Brain Stimulation System the First to Sense and Record Brain Activity While Delivering Therapy

MRI Interventions' ClearPoint System Facilitates Asleep DBS Surgery at San Francisco VA Medical Center for Veterans with Parkinson's Disease

Potential New Drug Being Studied to Treat Off Times for Parkinsonís Patients

Video Series on Parkinsonís Released by Veterans Health Administration

2013 Morris K. Udall Awards Dinner

New Surgical Technique for Deep Brain Stimulation Proves Accurate and Safe

Sixteen International Parkinson`s Disease Organizations Join Forces to Raise Global Awareness for Clinical Trial Participation

The Gallery of Hope and Pride 3rd Annual Art Exhibit

Living Well and Living Creatively with Parkinsonís

Parkinsonís book geared toward helping families across the globe.

April 11th Achieve Daily Victories Seminar Focusing on Treatment for Parkinsonís Disease

$14.4 Billion Economic Burden of Parkinson

Mallory Lewis and "Lamb Chop" to perform two shows to benefit Parkinson

March 2nd Achieve Daily Victories Seminar Focusing on Treatment for Parkinsonís Disease

Pesticides and Parkinson

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