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Patient Assistance Now
New Comprehensive Resource for Patients Offered by Novartis

  • At Novartis, we believe that all Americans deserve access to quality health care, including prescription medicines, education about their disease or condition, and information on the medicines they take.
  • That is why Novartis is proud to tell you about Patient Assistance Now, an easy-to-use, comprehensive resource that allows patients to access programs that may help them pay for their medicines and find information to take care of their health.
  • Patient Assistance Now integrates Novartis and non-Novartis programs into one overarching resource, making it easier for patients to find ways to help them afford their treatments and to learn more about their health conditions and their medicines, as well as information about ongoing and planned clinical trials.
  • Patients and caregivers can visit or call 1-800-245-5356 to access specific information about programs and services available. The Web site also offers a program finder that can help eligible patients find programs that may help them pay for their medicines.

For more information or immediate access to Patient Assistance Now, visit or call 1-800-245-5356.

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