Dr. Patrick J. Kelly Honored at 2/25/2002 Reception for Receiving the Olivecrona Award


Dr. Patrick J. Kelly
Dr. Patrick J. Kelly

Margaret and Martin Tuchman were delighted to join Consul General of Sweden Olle Wästberg and Mrs. Inger Claesson Wästberg at a reception in their beautiful Manhattan home on Monday, February 25, 2002, to honor Dr. Patrick J. Kelly for receiving the 2001 Olivecrona Medal, his profession’s highest honor.

The Olivecrona Medal is bestowed upon an internationally outstanding neurosurgeon in recognition of excellence and innovation. This Medal is named after the Swedish scientist, Dr. Herbert Olivecrona, one of the fathers of modern neurosurgery, and is traditionally presented by the Ambassador of the awardee’s home country on behalf of the Karolinska Institute, Stockholm. The Medal is awarded annually during the Nobel Prize ceremonies.

The Manhattan reception was co-sponsored by The Brain Tumor Foundation and Re-Wired for Life Foundation, both founded by Dr. Kelly to benefit his patients. Over 100 people attended the reception. Since most of the attendees were patients of Dr. Kelly, the atmosphere was charged with admiration, gratitude, and love for the honoree.

Margaret Tuchman is one of the fortunate patients that Dr. Kelly has operated on. In 1999, Margaret underwent deep brain stimulation (DBS) surgery, which significantly improved the quality of her life. Margaret had the distinction of being one of the speakers able to thank Dr. Kelly for his extraordinary surgical skills and humanity. Margaret invites you to the Re-Wired for Life Web site where you can learn more about the operation.

Dr. Kelly is both a deeply gifted physician and an extraordinary humane and compassionate individual. The Parkinson Alliance and Margaret and Martin Tuchman applaud and thank Dr. Kelly. Through the skills of his hands, and the compassion of his heart, Dr. Kelly is a towering figure in contemporary medicine.

Dr. Patrick J. Kelly and
Margaret Tuchman

Consul General and his wife
Consul General of Sweden Olle Wästberg
and Mrs. Inger Claesson Wästberg

Margaret and Carol
Margaret Tuchman (right) and
The Hon. Carolyn B. Maloney
Representative (D-NY)


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