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Past Events

Learn about past events held to help find a cure for Parkinson's disease. Please visit our Events Calendar to learn about upcoming events you can participate in or our Get Involved page to learn how you can get involved in helping us raise money for the best Parkinson's disease reseachers doing the most promising research that will help find the cure to Parkinson's.

12/5/2004 Team Parkinson raises close to $10,000 at the MaraFunRun in CA
10/24/04 "A Step Ahead: A Postive You" Fashion Show/Luncheon w/photos
10/2/04 Carnegie Center 5K & Fun Run w/photos
9/14/2004 Putting for Parkinson's Golf Outing- Photos
3-5/2004 Team Parkinson events
4/24/2004 Parkinson's Unity Walk
10/4/2003 Carnegie Center 5K & Fun Run for The Parkinson Alliance
9/23/2003 Shake, Rattle & Hole
6/29/2003 The 2nd Annual Shake, Rattle & Roll
4/26/2003 Parkinson's Unity Walk
5/17/2003 The 3rd Annual Roger DeGroot Parkinson's Disease Fundraiser
3/23/2003 "A Step Ahead: A Positive You" Fashion Show/Luncheon

Porridge for Parkinson's


Team Parkinson 2003 Sets a New Fundraising Record at the Los Angeles Marathon

11/10/2002 "Laughing the Night Away," a Comedy Show and Live Auction
10/27/2002 "The Ghost in the Gallery" Art Exhibit
10/9/2002 Shake, Rattle And Hole Golf Outing
10/5/2002 Carnegie Center 5K & Fun Run for The Parkinson Alliance
9/17/2002 Putting for Parkinson's
8/3/2002 Second Annual Robert Fiori Memorial Golf Tournament
5/19-21/2002 Parkinson's Action Network-Annual Public Policy Forum
5/3/2002 3rd Annual Derby Eve at the Olmstead
4/24-5/1/2002 Pages for Parkinson's
4/14/2002 Parkinson's Unity Walk
4/13/2002 The 2nd Annual ParkinSong
4/6/2002 Walk for Awareness and a Cure for Parkinson's Disease
3/3/2002 Team Parkinson LA 2002
12/1/2001 The Odyssey Theater Ensemble performing "After Crystal Night"
10/28/2001 Charitable Art Event
10/06/2001 Carnegie Center 5K & Fun Run for The Parkinson Alliance
9/30/2001 Parkin' Out with the Nuns
9/25/2001 Vivien Harvey Slater Benefit Concert
8/04/2001 The First Annual Robert Fiori Memorial Golf Tournament
7/17/2001 Second Annual Parkinson's Alliance Golf Classic
7/07/2001 Links For A Cure:
The 2001 Parkinson's Disease Golf and Family Day

Pedal For Parkinson's

5/04/2001 Parkinson Alliance 2nd Annual Derby Eve at the Olmsted
4/28/2001 ParkinSong Benefit Concert
4/27/2001 Parkinson Alliance 2nd Annual Bachelor Auction
3/04/2001 Team Parkinson Sets New Record at LA Marathon
4/2000 Pj's Pancakes for Parkinson's