Chair Yoga


A healthy, fun class led by one of the country's most experienced yogis offered by TGR Yoga - The Great Remembering and sponsored by The Parkinson Alliance.

This class, done mostly while sitting in a chair, uses yoga postures and special breath work, sound and guided relaxation to give a therapeutic workout along with yoga healing techniques. Everyone finds this useful and fun whether or not they have any physical challenges.

PDT Studio @ Forrestal Village
116 Rockingham Row, Princeton NJ 08540

3-class package is $30/$50 if accompanied by a caregiver (Must pre-register)
For information or to register please call 609-651-8200.

3 week session:
Wednesday, October  24     1:00 – 2:15 pm
Wednesday, October  31     1:00 – 2:15 pm
Wednesday, November 7    1:00 – 2:15 pm


“With the advancement of my Parkinson’s disease and additional shoulder replacement surgery I was looking to do some physical group activity that would be appropriate for my level of disability.   I know how important on-going exercise is for maintaining a good quality of life.  Upon getting the name of an instructor, Jayadeva, I reached out to him and made him aware of my challenges and goals.

My sessions include repetitive joint movements, deep breathing, and chanting.  Most of the session is spent in a chair.  Depending on how I feel, we slowly increase the duration of time I work from a standing position.  The movement addresses my flexibility, balance, and strength challenges.  I am able to move more fluidly and my core is getting stronger.  The deep breathing exercises relax my mind and clear the toxins from the air passages and increase my lung capacity.  Chanting has been an acquired taste.  It gives me a sense of freedom and releases any tension I harbor both physically and mentally. Additionally, chanting and deep breathing helps with my speech problems.”

Margaret, Princeton, NJ

Jayadeva, the instructor began teaching yoga in 1969, founded and directs the not-for-profit Princeton Integral Yoga Institute, was part of an NYU study using his yoga healing techniques with MS patients, and has taught Chair Yoga to groups and individuals for more than 25 years.