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“Voices from the Parking Lot-parkinson's insights and perspectives"

“Voices from the Parking Lot parkinson’s insights and perspectives” is our self-published anthology of poems, narratives and artwork that expresses the personal experiences of people living with Parkinson’s.

Our book grew out of a 22 piece art exhibit of paintings by Jane Scott and photographs by Marc Esser called “The Letting Go – A Parkinson’s Story,” which chronicles Ms. Scott’s father, Claude Scott, through his struggle and transformation as a result of Parkinson’s disease.

The 15 pieces of art featured in our book are accompanied by 75 literary works that share the stories of people around the world who live each day with Parkinson’s disease.

Helen Gurley Brown, Editor-in-Chief, Cosmopolitan International Editions, praised "Voices from the Parking Lot," as did Abe Lieberman, medical director of the National Parkinson’s Foundation, in his reaction of our book. A foreward by Robin Elliott, executive director of the Parkinson’s Disease Foundation, Inc., sets the stage for inspiration from those “who live with and daily defy this insidious disease.”

To order copies of “Voices from the Parking Lot parkinson’s insights and perspectives” at $25 per copy, plus shipping and handling, please call 1(800) 579-8440, or print out a PDF of the order form (for international orders please use this international order form) and fax it to (609) 688-0875, or mail it to: The Parkinson Alliance, Post Office Box 308, Kingston, NJ 08528-0308. Please make all checks payable to: “The Parkinson Alliance.” All profits derived from the sale of the book is directed toward scientifically validated Parkinson’s disease research on the road to the cure.

The Parkinson Alliance is dedicated to raising money for the best Parkinson's disease reseachers doing the most promising research. With your generous help, we will reach our goal to find the cure to Parkinson's.